Jan 11 2013

Aziraphale hadn’t really known what to expect, but he wasn’t sure that this was it. It was disconcertingly like his own shop, if slightly more colorful and better-kept, right down to the Closed sign that had left an outline of dust on the door thanks to disuse.

Supporting Lahatiel slightly, he watched a little anxiously as Phelan stepped up to the door and knocked.

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    Phelan leaned in on Ligur and whispered: “Cause they won’t. Your counterpart just snug out the backdoor and I have no...
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    Ligur frowned. He didn’t trust the soft, posh-looking demon, but it wasn’t as if he could deny a Great Marquis. “C’min,...
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    "I’m searching for a pair of angels using demons’ magic. They’re believed to have appeared in the London area— here. I...
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    "I think I remember." His voice was low. One hand hooked its fingers around the edge of the eyepatch. "There was an...
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    It was some hours later when Keruvael finally returned to the flower shop. Ligur had checked in on Hastur, upstairs,...
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    "Wait." Aziraphale stood. "You heard this summons that Phelan told me about, didn’t you? What do you know about it?"
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    That warm, hungry feeling tugged at him, and for a moment Hastur cracked the smallest of smiles. Even in the deepest of...

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